Xiaomi Mi 10T lite 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10T lite 5G – Full Review

Hey guys, Will is here for PRODUCT. The Xiaomi Mi 10T lite 5G is one of the newest Mi 10 series phones to come out. With ‘lite’ in the name, you know this is an average ranger, and knowing Xiaomi, it will surely get you a lot out of it. So, let’s see what the Mi 10T lite brings in our full review.

Mi 10T lite 5G Looks & Design

The Mi 10T lite brings a look reminiscent of the Poxo X3 on the back thanks to its rectangular camera arrangement. However, here the back is made of Gorilla Glass with a glossy gradient finish. However, the frame is still made of plastic and is matte, not glossy, which offers a bit of extra grip.

The curved back of the phone also adds a bit of comfort in the hand. But at 215 grams, the Mi 10 lite is actually not that light. On the front is the 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen with 1080p resolution and a fast 120Hz refresh rate. The fast refresh rate means that moving items on the screen, such as swiping or scrolling, they look much smoother. We were pleasantly surprised by the cutout of the selfie camera.

It is one of the smallest we have seen on an LCD screen. Unlike many competitors, we didn’t notice any glare or backlight bleeding around it. Overall, we like this screen. It is HDR10 compliant and very bright. We measured nearly 600 nits of peak brightness in auto mode in bright light. Colors look good and you can adjust them to be reasonably accurate in settings. And the fast refresh rate adapts to your content, seamlessly changing to fit what’s on the screen.

Audio System – Mi 10T lite 5G

Xiaomi didn’t take shortcuts in the audio department either. The Mi 10T Lite features a set of stereo speakers, with one speaker at the bottom and the other doubling as a headphone. The sound quality is not exceptional, it is unbalanced, with the lower speaker much louder than the upper one. But the voices sound clear and the overall volume is good too. In addition, there is a 3.5mm audio jack on the Mi 10T lite, for connecting traditional headphones and FM radio compatibility.

Waking up and unlocking your phone is easy with the side-mount fingerprint reader. We like its concave shape and it’s super fast and responsive. What you won’t find here is expandable storage. Correction!!! You get a microSD slot in addition to the 64 or 128GB one on board.

At the time of this review, the Mi 10T Lite does not run the latest Android 11, but rather Android 10. However, the interface is Xiaomi’s new MIUI 12. One notable feature of MIUI 12 is that the notification tone can be split in two different drop-down menus. One for notifications and one for quick configuration, the Control Center, very similar to Apple’s iOS. Not only can you keep your apps on the home screen, but you can also have them in an app drawer.

Mi 10T lite 5G Apps

The app drawer will also automatically organize your apps into categories. And an interesting feature is that there is a space for quick shortcuts, always available when playing. You can access them by sliding your finger on the upper corners of the screen. These include many functions and you can even launch applications.

One of the most unique features of the Mi 10T lite is its new Snapdragon 750G 5G chipset. It is built on an 8nm process and its performance is excellent for a mid-range chip, comparable to the Snapdragon 765G. This one offers better CPU performance, but lags a bit behind the GPU. Games keep running smoothly, of course, especially if you can find some that can take advantage of the display with a high frame rate. And of course you also get support for 5G network connectivity.

Battery life is another area where the Mi 10T lite does a great job. With its 4820 mAh battery, it was able to get an excellent endurance rating of 116 hours in our battery life tests. And the loading speed is excellent too. With the 33W charger shipped in the box, we were able to charge the Mi 10T lite from 0 to 68% in half an hour.

Mi 10T lite 5G – Camera & Selfie

Now let’s move on to the cameras.

There’s a quad-camera setup, with a 64MP Quad Bayer main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a depth sensor. The photos from the main camera come out in 16MP and they are decent. They have nice colors, little noise, and a good level of detail.

However, the sharpness leaves a bit more to be desired. Since there is no dedicated telephoto camera, zooming is done via a digital cutout from the main camera. These are not very sharp due to the exclusive, but they are not too bad. Portraits are also taken with the main camera.

You get well exposed faces with quite a bit of detail. Edge detection is quite accurate in simple scenes, but had some issues with more complex hairstyles. Ultra-wide camera shots are fine for this price range, but nothing special. You get the ultra-wide effect you want, with good distortion correction, but there is visible noise and smoothness, as well as jagged reflections here and there. Close-up shots taken with the macro camera are fine, with nice colors.

These can be difficult to shoot due to the lack of autofocus. And don’t expect a ton of detail from a 2MP sensor. In low light, the main camera performs similar to what you would expect from a phone in this price range. You get relatively well-preserved details, realistic colors, and good contrast, but there’s a lot of noise, jagged reflections, and photos are generally a bit soft. If you activate Night mode, it takes a few seconds for each photo to be captured and processed.

However, the effect is worth it. You get a clearer overall picture, with more details, less noise, greater sharpness, and more balanced highlights and shadows. Low-light photos taken with the ultra-wide camera look muddy and almost out of focus. There is also a lot of noise and clipped reflections. However, with night mode turned on, you can capture some decent mid-range ultra-wide shots, with cleared noise and more detail in the shadows. Light sources look better too.

Selfies are taken with a 16MP front camera and they are detailed and sharp enough. Faces are well exposed and colors are accurate overall. However, there is some visible noise, especially if the lighting is not ideal. Videos can be recorded with the main camera up to 4K at 30fps. These are attractive, with nice colors and contrast, and low noise.

Mi 10T lite 5G – Display

The ultra-wide camera can record videos up to 1080p resolution and the results are not impressive. These are a bit grainy and smooth. While there is video stabilization available, it is only for 1080p resolution and not 4K. Regardless, the EIS does a good job of smoothing portable video. So that’s the Xiaomi Mi 10T lite 5G.

You get a solid glass body, a large LCD screen with a high refresh rate, stereo speakers, excellent battery life with fast charging, a snappy interface, and solid chipset performance. Overall, it’s a feature-packed smartphone and a great deal for your money. It is worth mentioning that if you went for the Mi 10 lite 5G with a similar name and a similar price, you would get an AMOLED screen and a better main camera. But if that’s not something you care about, the Mi 10T lite 5G is definitely worth recommending. Thanks for watching guys, stay safe and see you next time.

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